2. Conical, Sumo, K Cell & Effusion Rebuilds

SEP LLC engineers have rebuilt over sixty MBE cells to date and some of the biggest US tool users use our services. We deliver quality, timely rebuilds and are considerably less expensive than the services provided by the OEM.
We rebuild most types of Ta wire and Ta flat filament Sumo, Conical,  effusion and K cells for (and not exclusive to) the following tools:
VG (Riber), V80, V90, V100
Riber R49, R6000
Veeco GEN 2, GEN 2000

Varian Tools
On reciept of your cleaned cell, SEP LLC will strip down the cell, confirm with you the work that needs to be done and ship rebuilt the cell back rebuilt.  We also offer optional improvements to you cell including tip and base back up thermocouples that allows the user to switch to the back ups in the event of a thermocouple failure - often without having to remove the cell from the tool. 


An optional outgas/performance report can be included with you cell. 

Sumo Cell Rebuilds
10KG Sumo Cell Rebuild
Sumo Cell, Effusion, K Cell Rebuilds
85cc Cell Rebuilds
Base and Tip Filament for Riber 1700cc Sumo Cell
Sumo Cell, Effusion, K Cell Rebuilds
V100 Cell Rebuild
220cc Riber Filiment Rebuild
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10KG Sumo Cell Rebuild